Set Personalized Name Merry Christmas Round Stickers Silver/gold metallic stickers available

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Product Overview


You will receive one sheet of designed

Personalized Merry Christmas Labels 


Different size labels are available, perfect for christmas gift package decals. 


Laser Printed on high quality White Matte self-adhesive Paper

Cut & ready for use, order as many as you need. 

add a note during purchase for name on stickers and other request like change colors font. 

self adhesive labels, ready to use. no smudge, if water dripping on surface. labels need apply on smooth surface, and not suitable for clothes. 


please purchase labels three weeks earlier for less frustration. if party will happen less in two weeks, contact me first before order.


1.35" round - 35 Stickers per order (For Circular Jar, goody Bags)
1.65" round - 24 Stickers per order (For Circular Jar, goody Bags)
2.5" Round - 12 Stickers per order (For Circular Jar, Gift Bags)
3.3" Round - 6 Stickers per order (For lollipop)


How it works
Send a note with name, during purchasing.  
I will print it. 
Font and Color can be changed, but you have to give me correct font name. Some rare fonts I may not have, ask me before purchasing. 
if you have some ideas other than what shows below. Welcome to ask. make sure keep words under 1 lines, (too many lines may cause extremely small fonts, wouldn't able to read)
I offer one day shipping, but it would not arrive in one day. please add extra 10 days above regular shipping days, for unpredictable reasons. and please aware I am in Canada.
Canada 4 work days after package mailed.
USA 7 work days after package mailed.
other countries 2 weeks after package mailed. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review